Welcome to Our Play School

At Apical Play School, we believe in nurturing the curious minds of young learners through a blend of fun, creativity, and education. Our play school is a vibrant and engaging environment where children embark on a journey of discovery, friendship, and early learning.

Play school courses typically focus on providing a foundation for young children's learning through play and interactive activities. While I can't directly enroll you in a course, I can provide information on what a typical play school course might cover and suggest some general ideas for activities.

Morning Circle Time:

  • Start the day with a circle time to build a sense of community.
  • Include greetings, weather updates, and discussions about the day’s activities.

Language and Literacy:

  • Storytelling sessions with age-appropriate books.
  • Phonics and vocabulary-building activities.
  • Reading comprehension activities for older children.

Creative Arts:

  • Drawing, painting, and crafts.
  • Music and movement activities.
  • Drama and role-playing.

Science and Nature:

  • Simple science experiments.
  • Nature walks and exploration.
  • Introduction to basic scientific concepts.